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    I'm wondering how others plan to handle these this year. We had a catastrophe with the "Site cannot be reached" problem whereby less than ten of sixty students were able to complete their requests.

    Pen and paper time?
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    I haven't heard any problems from our schools. Could it have been related to the connectivity issue that was happening a couple weeks back? We always do online course requests.


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      It was the "Page cannot be displayed" or "Site cannot be reached" problem that has plagued many schools that are inside the BC government common VPN. Perhaps you are immune being in the Yukon (count your lucky stars).

      I've had a ticket open since 04-Oct-2017 and Fujitsu has been actively investigating, even though technically it isn't a MyEd application problem. It's been a tough one, especially for day-long users like clerical staff.


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        We are requesting removal from the common VPN while online course requests are completed.