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  • New Grade 10 Curriculum

    We have a school that wants to offer two of the new 2 credit English courses run together as a single course. They want to integrate the topics from the two courses and give a single mark on report cards.

    The only way I can think of doing this is to assign students to sections of both courses, maybe scheduled as a package. Then the teachers can ignore one of the courses throughout the year, only reporting on the other one. If nothing is entered it should not appear on the report cards. At the end of the year they can copy the final mark into both courses so there will be two transcript records.

    It will be a problem when students move or change courses. Someone will need to ensure that the marks are entered into both courses. I can see this being a headache.

    Anyone else with schools trying the same approach? Any suggestions?

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    We decided to do this a little differently. We are only using (and taking attendance in and reporting on) one of the courses throughout the year. At the end of the year the students will be registered in the second course and given the same mark as in the other course. This way there will be no confusion for teachers. The only problem is that the school secretary will need to remember when a student leaves the course or withdraws from the school they will need to create a transcript record in the other course as well.